Chartr – a website of nice charts.

Junkcharts – recycling of chart junk into nice charts.

Beautiful News – charts too nice, but still nice.

The Economist daily chart – very clever and nice charts.

Tableau viz of the day – nice interactive charts.

Statista – nice charts called infographics for some reason.

Chartipedia – nice charts uploaded by people.

Visualcapitalist – nice charts about capitalism.

Graphics of Financial Times – we need some nice charts during those tough financial times.

Objektiv Data Vis – super minimalist nice charts. – a google of nice charts.

The Pudding – interactive nice charts about interesting ideas.

Kontinentalist – nice graphic stories, not just charts.

Visualize Value – inspirational nice charts.

FlowingData – a flow of nice charts.

Nightingale – nice writing about nice charts.

Please suggest more.